Root Canal Treatment

In case this tissue is damaged and/or inflamed due to untreated caries, the process of removing the tissue, shaping and cleaning the root canal, and then filling the canal with fillers is called root canal treatment.

In which cases is root canal treatment necessary?

  • In deep caries that have progressed to the nerve of the tooth,
  • In cases where the fracture line as a result of trauma involves the nerve of the tooth,
  • In cases where the tooth loses its vitality as a result of excessive force on the tooth as a result of orthodontic treatment,
  • In advanced gum diseases,
  • in eliminating the sensitivity caused by advanced wear

Is root canal treatment a painful procedure?

Root canal treatment is a treatment done by numbing the patient’s tooth, so it is not a painful procedure. In cases where numbness is experienced for various reasons, treatment is started using advanced numbing methods.

How long does root canal treatment take?

Depending on the condition of the tooth, root canal treatment can be done in one or two sessions. For an infected tooth, several sessions may be required to ensure that the infection is completely eliminated. An uncomplicated root canal treatment is usually completed in a single session.