Tooth Prosthesis

Nutrition is our most basic need throughout our lives and we meet this need by eating and chewing food. Our teeth play an important role in the chewing function. Partial or total tooth loss over time affects not only chewing and speech functions, but also aesthetics and mood. The resulting tooth losses are eliminated with … Read more


Orthodontics, which means “straight teeth” in Latin, is a branch of science that examines not only teeth but also teeth and jaw-face relationships together. Most orthodontic disorders can be prevented by regular check-ups starting at an early age. In conscious societies, interventions at an early age and adequate oral dental health education have led to … Read more


They are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone to replace teeth lost due to various reasons in order to restore function and aesthetics. Tooth deficiencies can be corrected with classical methods such as bridges or removable removable prostheses connected to natural teeth, as well as implant-supported prostheses. Missing one or more teeth Complete edentulism … Read more

Aesthetic Dentistry

Complementing the sense of self-confidence, which is the basic principle in good communication, with a beautiful smile has brought along aesthetic approaches in modern dentistry. The goal in aesthetic dentistry is to create artificial teeth in a natural-looking form that is compatible with the person’s facial structure. Teeth whitening treatments, Porcelain laminate restorations applied in … Read more


Root Canal Treatment In case this tissue is damaged and/or inflamed due to untreated caries, the process of removing the tissue, shaping and cleaning the root canal, and then filling the canal with fillers is called root canal treatment. In which cases is root canal treatment necessary? Is root canal treatment a painful procedure? Root … Read more


The shape, structure and harmony of the teeth are ideal, but it is possible to achieve the desired aesthetic results in a short time with the whitening process in patients who have aesthetic problems due to the dark color. When whitening is done professionally by a physician, it is an application that does not harm … Read more