The shape, structure and harmony of the teeth are ideal, but it is possible to achieve the desired aesthetic results in a short time with the whitening process in patients who have aesthetic problems due to the dark color.

When whitening is done professionally by a physician, it is an application that does not harm the teeth. There are two types of whitening processes applied today. Home bleeching, one of which is applied by oneself at home for a few nights. The other one is office bleeching applied in the clinic, “office type whitening”.

Office type whitening; It is the whitening performed in the clinic and under the control of the dentist. 2 or 3 sessions of 45 minutes are usually sufficient.

On the other hand, at home whitening, special transparent plaques are prepared to cover all the teeth specific to the person after the upper and lower measurements are taken from the patient. The patient applies the whitening gel given by the dentist into these plates and uses these plates for a period determined by the physician every day.

The best result is the application where both are combined. Depending on the person, a temporary sensitivity may be experienced in both types of whitening.