Surgical Operation

The teeth that cannot take their place in the mouth even though it is time for them to erupt are called ‘buried teeth’.The third molars (also known as wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth) are among the most common impacted teeth. ;

Classification of wisdom teeth according to the degree of impactedness;

  • Wisdom teeth that are completely embedded in the bone,
  • Wisdom teeth that are only embedded in the gums,
  • Wisdom teeth, some of which have been opened into the mouth, some of which are still under the gums,
  • His wisdom teeth are fully erupted.

Classification of wisdom teeth according to the way they are driven in the jawbone

Problems that wisdom teeth can cause include

  • Cyst-tumor formation around the tooth or at the root,
  • Jaw pain due to inflammation, difficulty opening and closing, gingivitis,
  • Crowding due to pressure on the front teeth,
  • Abscess in case of neglect,
  • Swelling in the mouth or face,
  • Bad breath due to caries and bacterial accumulation.